03022017CM0123Senate Democrats passed legislation Tuesday that would balance the state budget and bring much-needed funding to P-12 education, higher education and human services.

Senate Majority Leader James F. Clayborne (D- Belleville) released the following statement:

“Today, we passed a plan to bring stability and certainty to Illinoisans. Lawmakers have a responsibility to the people back home. We must put an end to this chaos and get Illinois back on track. We cannot wait any longer. The longer we go without a budget, the longer seniors go without meals on wheels, people go without medicated to receive cancer treatment and at-risk youth have no place to go after school. I hope to see this plan continue to progress.”

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Grand BargainThe Illinois Senate voted on pieces of the bipartisan negotiated grand bargain today in another attempt to keep discussions going and solve the state’s budgetary issues. Senate Majority Leader James F. Clayborne (D-Belleville) released the following statement:

“Today we passed some key components of the Grand Bargain. However, we must still continue negotiations to help get the state out of the trouble it is in. There is no easy solution, but continuing to have a dialogue is the only way we will get to one. We are working through this, and we will continue to do so until we find a resolution.”

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03282017AM6610Today, the Illinois Senate failed to advance the remaining proposals in the Grand Bargain package they have been negotiating since January. State Senator James F. Clayborne (D-Belleville) issued the following statement:

“Again we had a chance to put people’s livelihoods above politics, but  my colleagues on the other side of the aisle made it clear they are unwilling to compromise. Senate Democrats have worked tirelessly for months on a package of bills to get the state back on track. We have changed the package 35 times in an effort to reach compromise with the governor and Republicans. We cannot waste any more time. We must pass a budget.”

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